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This high quality leatherette wall art has a velvety smooth feel and will look great in a home or office. We will personalize your wall sign with the information you provide and are happy to work up new designs.  Also our designs from cutting boards can be used on sign. 

Leatherette Wall Decor

SKU: 36523641234523
    - Faux Leather / Leatherette
    - Sawtooth Hanger
    - Leatherette Colors: 8 colors available. Black, Gray, Light Brown, Dark Brown, PInk, Rose, Rawhide and Rustic
    - Lasered Color: All Wall plaques have a lasered color of black, other than the exception of Black and the Rustic Color option. The Black wall plaque has a beige/gold under-layer (lasered
    color) and or silver, and the Rustic wall plaque comes in a Gold lasered color.
    - Water resistant
    - Easy to clean

    Cleaning Instructions:
    To clean laserable leatherette items, use water and soap. it will not leave water spots. Alcohol works well on pen marks. Leatherette does not absorb finger oil.

    Have a different Design Idea?
    Send us a message to see if we can do i

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